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Blogging has become a very popular way to earn money online and many people are moving towards it but at the same time it is very time consuming task and requires lots of hard work ,Advertising,patience etc. Blogging has become a full time occupation for various people and they get good result with it.Also,There are daily tasks that you should do to become successful in your blogging career .Let’s discuss them to get insight of it.

1. Daily posting:
If your blog is new than I recommend that you should post daily to get new content as much as possible.Do keyword research (You can use Google Free keyword tool for this ) and write your article according to SEO standards to get listed in Top 10 results of Google,Bing,Yahoo or other search engines .
But getting new content daily is not an easy task,you must need to do lots of homework ,research work etc. .You should also allow Guest posting ,In this way you can get free content for your blog which helps to grow your userbase and a nice community.
2. Reply to E-mails and comments
You should daily check comments on your article and reply them,Engage with the readers,participate in the discussion ,praise the commenter by replying them if they greet you. Also,You should reply to the E-mails on daily basis .
3. Social Media posting:Create a profile on social media sites like facebook,twitter etc. and post your articles or links to them.In this way ,you will update your blog posts on these sites and get lots of backlinks also.
You can encourage readers to comment on your post on facebook ,in this way you engage the readers.Participate in discussion with other similar niches of your website on facebook.
4. Search Engine Optimization:You must first research your keyword (you can use Free Google keyword tool) after that you write it maintaining keyword density and other SEO standards.Share your post on facebook,twitter and other social networking sites to increase SEO score.Use social bookmarking services to bookmark your articles.Also,you keep updating your knowledge in SEO to take advantage of new strategies,tips,tricks etc.
5. Monitor your Traffic and Monetize it:Install Google analytics,statcounter on your website,submit your website to Google webmasters tool.In this way you can get infographics of visitors like from which country they are coming,keywords activity,Recent came from,Exit link activity etc.
Monetize your blog with Google Adsense,infolinks,buysellads,crankyads and other various other advertising methods for generating revenue.

Well,After launching your website,you put content on it,image etc.  but a website without Marketing would not be fruitful and not get visitors and at the end you end up shutting your website but if you do things properly you can make great profits from it and I am going to discuss some tips that would help your newly created website to stand out from the crowd.

List of things to do after launching your website
1. Write a page title that is rich in keyword
A descriptive title – used as your identity tag – for each page must be rich in keywords that will help to get customers and also good ranking in search results. This keyword is most effective when using around 5-8 words, excluding “filler” words (i.e, the, a), but still readable of course.
2. Search engine optimization(SEO)
Well,This is really a very broad term as it contains lots of things .There are two parts to it.
a.) On-page optimization:You can always do keyword research before writing content and you should incorporate that in your heading ,make it bold while using in your article,use in h1 tags.
b.) Off-Page optimization:Off page optimization contains like submitting your website/content to article directories ,web 2.0 properties and backlinking to your websites,social bookmarking,search engine submission etc.
3. Descriptive keywords in the ALT attribute of image tags must be included
Also ,You can see as today there are image search engines like Google image search,Bing image search etc. you can place your keyword in the ALT tag of the image and it helps image search engines to categorize your image and by this you can get good traffic.
4. Your website must be submitted to key directories
You can submit your website to RSS directories,article directories ,web 2.0 properties(hubpages,squidoo,blogspot,tumblr etc.) great way to get backlinks from different sources.
5. Advertise your website
Whenever you find another website whose business complements yours, You can ask to them if they can get your links placed on their website for some money.This is great way to advertise your website and harness the traffic of that one because SEO takes lot of time and by this method you can get instant targeted visitors.
Things to do After launching your website
6. Guest posting
Guest posting is really a great to advertise your newly website for free ,many popular blogs like comluv,problogger etc. allows guest posting and they have already tons of traffic which you can utilize by writing some cool article on them.Consider it as a habit ,it really worth it.Also,They allow you to insert links to your website as well but don’t stuff it .Provide only one or two links in it.
7. Do Blogging
If you have a website than you should need to make a blog and post regular updates about your products,articles that helps the customers and also attract readers.Give them some free report like E-book or video course.
8.Utilize online forums and discussion lists
Look for groups related to your business where serious dialogs are taking place. Just simply join the discussion and use the “signature” at the end of your message do the marketing for you.
9. Bookmarking your site
There are tons of bookmarking website on internet that you can utilize to submit your website to them and most of them are free .Check for bookmarking list of websites.
10. Making use of social Networks
You can take help of social networks like Facebook,Twitter,Google plus etc. to create awareness among people about your website,products.Also,You must make Facebook fan page,Google plus page and ask your friends to join it .It would be great and very much helpful.
These are the basic things you can do after launching your website and by this way you can get good results.

If you work online than you should learn html and css because it is needed everywhere and for small changes you don’t like to call coders and give money to them .Suppose you want to hyperlink a text than it is not recommended to call coders .Well,It’s easy to learn html and css because it is not tough ,you don’t need to master it but if you know they will help you lot.I am going to share Top 15 websites that you can use to learn html and css online free of cost and it hardly takes 30 days even if you give 10-20 minutes a day.Also,for web designers these tutorials helps a lot.
learn html and css

Top 15 resources to learn html and css online
1. Boogiejack.com :This has lots of tutorials on html and css and is great for beginners.
2. w3schools.com: This is one of the most recommended sites on which you can practice online ,There is HTML text editor and you can edit and see live on it .This website has so many tests where you can check your knowledge of html and css.
3. w3schools.com/html5: This is the link to HTML5 tutorials on w3schools which is the most recent version of HTML and is the competitor to Flash technology.
4. learncss.tutsplus.com:Wow,This course is of 30 days and you have to give just 10 minutes a day and I bet you can have strong foundation of HTML and CSS after 30 days .This course has 30 videos.
5. webdesign.about.com: This tutorial is from a popular website called about.com and it has some great resources on html and css.
6. cssbasics.com :This website is dedicated to CSS only and you can find tons of tutorials on CSS.
7. davesite.com :One of the oldest website to learn html and css, dave founded it 15 years before when the web was just started and it has some cool resources on html and css.
8. htmlcodetutorial.com:This website goal is to provide the most helpful and complete guide to creating web pages.You can start learning html right away.
learn html and css
9. htmldog.com:This website assumes that you have no previous knowledge of HTML and CSS.
10. webdesign.tutsplus.com: This websites has lots of web design tutorial that will walk you through on creating your webpages and websites.
11. tizag.com: This websites has lots of other tutorials too like php,ASP etc. besides HTML and CSS.Great place to master your web design skills.
12. lynda.com: Lynda is a great resource and many of you guys has already heard this before .It has video series but only some tutorials are free and if you want more than you need to subscribe for just $300 a year whcih is really great investment.you can get excercise files ,videos etc.
13. html.net/tutorials/:Nice website to learn html.
14. echoecho.com: Nice website as it has lots of tutorials on html tags.
15. htmltutorials.ca : HTML tutorials by JOHN C. GILSON and is great to learn here.
The above sites are free and you can master HTML and CSS easily as it is not very hard language and even if you don’t wan to master it than you must need little bit about it.So ,Guys if you have any other link here we can learn html and css free ,please drop in comment section ,I will be glad to add it in this list.please share your views on it .

If you have an online business or an offline business that you extended into the online world, then this article might be helpful for you.I am going to discuss some useful and effective ways on how to get conversions to your online marketing campaigns.
Online marketing is not hard if done correctly. Despite the fact that there are a lot of people or competitors who are doing the same thing as what you are doing (marketing online), you can still achieve and make money out from it.
Email Marketing is considered to be one of the most effective tool in the online marketing field. There are  lot of online marketers who are making money and good conversions from their email campaigns. How they do it? That’s the question that this article will tackle. This will show you 6 tips. Though, they do not cover everything but they are the basic things that you should be doing if you will do an online marketing campaign of your business.
What makes an online marketing campaign successful?
The answer to that question is simple. You just need proper planning and action. Here are the things that you can add in your online marketing plan which you will do to make money online:
   1.      Create an Emailing List
This is step 1 in the whole process of email campaign in online money making. There are a lot of ways that you can do so that you can build an email list from prospective customers. You can join forums or anything where you can get people’s email. Make sure that the emails that you will be getting are interested with your product or services. Forums are the best places to find them. People post problems there and they might leave their emails. You product might be of help to them.
 2.      Communicate with a Personal Touch
Nowadays, emailing platforms like yahoomail, gmail and many more are tightening their security systems to ensure that there are no spams which will get in the inbox. Enable for your email to get through, address your prospect by using their first name. Make it appear natural. People who are addressed with their first name feel at ease and they might reply or get your services or product and of course you will make money from it.
3.      Do not Spam   
If you don’t want yahoo, gmail, hotmail or any other emailing platforms send your email to the trash, then do not spam. Anyway, even if your email gets into the inbox of your receiver they will still send them to the trash.
4.      Give your Customers a Holiday Break
 This may sound like a joke. But I’m serious here. People usually don’t check their emails during holidays and day offs. They are with their family maybe spending their time in the malls, beaches or in the parks. You can still get people to read your emails during this time though or later but it’s not that effective anymore compared to the fresh email that they can read.

Online marketing campaign

5.      Make your Email Readable
This is obviously the most basic one. How can you make a conversion and make money online if your email isn’t reaching your prospect customers?
6.      Be Direct to the Point  
Say what you are trying to tell them right away. People don’t want to read long emails. They want to know what you want. If they’ll like your offer or product, then they will read the rest of your email if they won’t then they would probably delete them. But the idea here is very simple, you have to consider busy people as well who don’t have that much time to read 3-4 paragraphs of marketing email.
7.      Maintain your Trademark.
Put your company’s logo in your email. Make your email look professional. Use good English. -  Just some of the things that can make your business to stand out from others. Your trademark or attitude will show up in your marketing emails. People like business with attitude. If they see an attitude at first then make them become addicted with that attitude. Do not change your trademark because they remember you by your trademark.
What’s now?
What are you waiting for? Start your online marketing campaigns now and start making money.

Email list is very important for people who want to earn money online whether you are a blogger,Advertiser,product promotion company etc. It is essential for everyone .You heard this phrase several times like “Money is in the list” and it is very true because once you have a nice list you don’t need anything .It is used for promotion of products .If you have a nice E-mail list you don’t even need any other advertising methods.
But some things need to be noted like if you have a garbage un-targeted list than you will not make money .It is better to have some targeted 100 mails instead of having 1000 un-targeted mails.You must need responsive E-mail list instead of having un-responsive list.So,How you can take benefit and make money from email-list.Let’s discuss that.

1. Start your membership site
This is really a great way to make money and it is very much lucrative if you will be able to get some customers at the same time you must provide great content or methods according to your niche.Also,your information must be of great quality.Internet is all about content so deliver great and useful content for your customers and you will be successful.
2. Tell them about new products,plugins
Almost 80% blogs are powered by wordpress platform and the new themes,new plugin,Autorepsonders,web hosting,social media tools comes daily .You can recommend to your customers about them .Insert your affiliate link or create a post on your blog or make a video about the product that you are using.Videos will be great trust.
3. Promote CPA Offers
CPA(cost per action) is a really great and you can make handsome amount of money by promoting it .You can join maxbounty,peerfly etc. CPA networks as they have various offers like email-submit,zip submit ,form filling offers .You can promote via your list.
4. Sell your products
There are tons of things that you can create like some video course,information product(e-book etc.).Video course works perfectly .Also,at the same time you must be creative as there are other products in the market and if you are selling something than your product quality must be of great quality.
5. Promote Affiliate products
There are tons of sites like clickbank,Amazon etc. where you can find so many products related to your niche and sell it to your customers .If you are using clickbank than you must be very creative about the selection of it.Also,OTO(one time offers) works great .
You should make a strong relationship with your customers,Offer some free products,free tips and tricks and you will be able to make money from email list. What do you think about it? please comment in the comment section.

While it is true that newsletters are nuisance and you want it to vanish from the phase of the earth, it is still true that you can make money from it. The existence of junk mails or newsletters have been bulging over the internet however it is still considered as one of the best strategies to get more subscribers, customers, or readers to your business.

How could this newsletter help you make money online?
That’s your question as of this moment. Well, newsletter can do a lot of magic for you. If you know how to make use of it correctly, for sure you will be racking up your an endless cash flow. Let’s take a look at the different ways on how to make money with newsletters:

Make money with news Letters
1. Give it as a bonus to your subscribers.
If you have a website which sells something then sending newsletters to your buyers might let them keep on coming back. If you provide your customers a handful of useful information which is related to the product that they have bought from you then they would always be reminded that your website has a lot to offer them. With this, you would probably be getting a lot of visitors to your site which might convert into sales.
2. Tie it with your website.
You can put some useful announcements and information in the newsletter so that they will be reminded about your website. They will keep on coming back to your site and of course you can get the traffic that you want. Remember: Traffic equates to cash flow. If you want to make money online, then you better add this to your strategy.
3. Sell newsletters.
You can only sell newsletters if you can provide your readers a unique idea or information. Usually, newsletters about the stock market, business related, or any other monetary related topics are what would sell. However, you can always think about a certain idea that you can put into your newsletter which might be of interest to your readers. Just make sure that you will be providing them information which is worth their money.
4. Put affiliate links in your newsletter.
This might not be the best thing to do in a newsletter if you want to make money online because it might offend your readers. But if done correctly, you can make it as your best bet in your earning money online adventure. Do not just put affiliate links in your newsletter and make sure to provide them something worthwhile which would call their action.
Making money with newsletter, like any other strategy, would never be successful without proper planning. You have to plan ahead before sending your first newsletter to your first subscriber because it is true that first impression lasts. Make a mistake and you would never be making money online with your newsletter. Keep them impressed with your weekly newsletter, get their trust and for sure making money online will never hard for you.

There is a say in Internet Marketing world that if you want an long time income than start building a list ,It works like an asset and helps you to boost your income for a long time.Building targeted email list is a great,because you have the right guys who are interested in your product or similar products that you can do affiliate marketing with that.
Also,Email marketing is the best and the cheapest way to stay in touch with your customers and if you offer them great products they will happy to buy again and again because they also make money with that.But you need some Email Marketing tips to make it effective,So let’s discuss it.

Below are 10 Email marketing tips that you can use to increase sales
1.Free Information:People like free things ,If you offering free things to your list,It does not mean that you send junk books to your list because it decreases credibility and you will loose sales,So please provide great information that is really helpful to your customers.
2.Allow users to unsubscribe from your list:Always giving an option to unsubscribe from your list ,In this way you are giving respect to your list and building trust with the list.
3.Personalize:Always Personalize like “Dear darren” etc. because the response rates are really very high,you can personalize emails if you have the first name of your subscribers or opt-in list.
4.Plan your subject line:Plan your subject line of the email in such a way so that they opens the email ..something like “This is the…” ,I used it for some of my campaigns and there is great response related to normal ones.
5.Discount coupons:People love coupons,provide some sort of discount coupon to them so that if they uses it they gets discount.
6.Contact info and privacy policy:Please provide contact info(two places within an email) and privacy policy ,don’t send too many “click here ” links in your email,it looks like a spam and they will delete,I recommend you to provide “click here” link at the bottom of the email and in the body ,not more than two.provide your skype link there(It adds credibility to your email).
7.Test:You have to test with different templates and find out which is working or which is not and than repeat the process.The more you test the more idea you will get.
8.Respond to Email Enquiries:Respond to Email Enquiries is a must ,provide great customer service,customer service is the backbone of any product.Even if the product is not Excellent and and you are able to resolve the problem of your customers and provide great customer support .You can do great.
9.Track:Track the Click through rate,email open rate and others .Various Email marketing softwares like Aweber,icontact provide tracking tools with the help of that you can analyze that easily.
Email Marketing is really great way to do proper marketing and It is an asset and you can use it again and again and I discussed some great Email marketing tips if you follow that than obviously you can make some nice income .


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